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How To Create a Dogecoin Wallet

Step by step guide on how to create a Dogecoin wallet using DogeDEX

This guide will teach you how to create a Dogecoin wallet in 10 easy steps.

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    One of the first things that you need to do is download the DogeDEX wallet, you can follow this link:
2. After the wallet is installed, you will be presented with this screen:
3. Select Create Wallet to begin the process of creating a new Dogecoin wallet.
4. After selections Create A Wallet, you will need to give your new wallet a name and press Let's Get Set Up!
5. After pressing Let's Get Set Up!, you will be shown your 12 Word Mnemonic Seed. This is your backup. Please write it down and store it in a safe place. If you lose access to your backup seed, you will lose access to your funds!
Never show anyone your 12 word seed. Keep it in a safe place. If a malicious actor gets ahold of your seed, they will be able to move your funds. The DogeDEX team will NEVER ask you for your 12 word backup seed.
6. Once you've written down your seed, you will need to verify that you have written it down correctly. DogeDEX app will ask you to confirm a few of the words you've written down in the right order.
7. After you have verified that your seed is correct, you will setup a Password for your wallet. This password will allow you to access your portfolio and make transactions. It keeps your funds safe if someone ever accesses your mobile device. This password will allow you to export your 12 word seed if you need to write it down again.
8. Once you have set up your password, please read and agree to the Terms of Service and DogeDEX EULA.
9. Now enter a PIN number. The PIN number is used to unlock the wallet if you navigate away from it. If you lose your PIN, you can restore the wallet with the 12 word backup seed.
10. Now you're done! You have created a new Dogecoin wallet. All you need to do now is Select Doge from the options, and you'll find your Dogecoin address. You can use this address to receive funds.
To receive Dogecoin, you can send someone an image of your QR code or you can copy/paste your address.