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Why does DogeDEX play sounds while I'm trading?

Many users have asked why the DogeDEX app plays music or sounds while they trade on the DEX. This will clear up some of those questions.

Why do I hear a sound when I make an Atomic Swap no DogeDEX?

When you start an atomic swap, you will hear a default sound that tells you a swap is in process.
This sound wasn't added for design reasons, it was added for functionality.
This is mainly because iOS apps require either sound or other complex processes in order to keep the application active in the background. We chose to add sound to the application to comply with iOS requirements and still allowing the users to make atomic swaps with DogeDEX.
You can lower the volume of the sound in the right-hand corner or in the app settings. We will actively look for better solutions since some users don't like hearing the sound.
To clarify, these background sounds are only heard when you're trading on the DEX. If you use the normal wallet functions, it's not necessary.

Can you change the sounds in the DogeDEX app?

Yes, ff you don't like the default sounds, you can navigate to the settings tab and change it to music or other sounds that you prefer.
We give you the option to add whichever sound you prefer the most. That can be music or any mp3/wav file that you like.